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Speakers Bureau

We encourage you to use the educational resources we have available in the council. We are willing to discuss many different topics with a willing audience. If you are interested in having any of our Council members, listed below, speak to your group, please contact Peggy Starkey at

The Rev. Bill Lytle Various Facets of Christianity
Meredith Norwood Baha’i Faith
Margaret Joseph Paganism; Social Justice;Contemporary Paganism; Feminist Paganism
Sarwat Husain Any topic on Islam or Muslims; Muslim, Jewish, Christian Dialogue
Pemmaraju Rao, Ph.D. Any topic on Hinduism or Hindu life
Nasha Moody Islam; Sufism
Peggy Starkey, Ph.D. Religious Diversity; Interreligious Dialogue;  Diverse views of the Ultimate; Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism; Is Terrorism Religious?
Archie Nations, Ph.D. Aspects of the Bible; The Gospel of John and the World’s Religions
Rajam S. Ramamurthy, M.D. Hindu Religion and Art; Dance: Meditation in movement; Symbolism in the Hindu Religion
Barbie Gorelick Judaism
Dr. Pritam Singh, Ph.D. and Harminder Singh Sikhism